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Blackberry 9860

it looks like an iPhone hybrid to me .
every phone wanna be an iPhone now 😦

i will go check it out since it is out in the market and let you know about it


a must have for all

especially when you wanna charge any gadget in the office or someone else’s place.
i hate placing my Mobile on the floor,couch .

very inventive and SIMPLE

if you wanna buy it ,visit the SITE

the white iPhone4 launched in 2 weeks

as announced on the Bloomberg site
it will be launched by AT&T and Verizon in The USA
The main 10 months delay reason was : white paints was peeling with heat and was too chalenging

Amazon Cloud Player – Ur music everywhere

another drop box 😛

The “Courier”Virus

Becareful as it is spreading through emails .
you’ll have a Fedex,DHL,Aramex.zip saying that you got a Parcel and the mail contains an Attachment.
why would the “courier” company attach something ??

To my Friend who wanna shift to MAC but ….

Girl it is about time for you to get converted , and take it from me you’ll NEVER regret it .
worse case scenario : you hate it . i will buy it from you . i will LOVE to have a new MACBOOK PRO 😉
Click here

swab your credit card To”Sellers” iPhone and pay the Bill !

well since a lot of bazars and small businesses are there and as a customer i find it annoying to carry cash all the way .and for the business holder it is meaningless to have a swab machine for 2-3 days event.
APPLE solved this problem with a software called : SQUARE.

Google Team i Respect you more Day by day

I will stand for you guys with all respect

wires organizer – must have

how many of us got stuck with the wires whether of the headset of the phone,ipad or the ipods . doesn’t bother when it strangles around everything and gets missy .
they found a solution . simple an easy

simple but Creative 😉

iPad cover/Carrier

very useful piece ..